Accessibility Statement


United Heritage is committed to maintaining websites (“Sites”) that are accessible to its visitors. As used in this Accessibility Statement, “United Heritage” includes the following United Heritage companies and subsidiaries:

  • United Heritage Financial Group – Domiciled in Idaho.
  • United Heritage Life Insurance Company – Domiciled in Idaho and licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Not authorized to do business in New York. (NAIC number: 63983)
  • United Heritage Property & Casualty Company – Domiciled in Idaho and licensed in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. (NAIC number: 18939)
  • Sublimity Insurance Company – Domiciled in Oregon and licensed in Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. (NAIC number: 26824)

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing information or material on United Heritage Sites, or have suggestions to improve accessibility of United Heritage Sites, please contact us using the information below or use the Send Feedback option above.

United Heritage
P.O. Box 7777
Meridian, Idaho 83680-7777
Toll-Free 1-800-657-6351

Accessibility Feedback Form

United Heritage values your feedback on how to improve web accessibility on our Sites. Please complete the form below to submit your input regarding accessibility improvements.